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Individual Marks
Use this function to enter marks for one or more classes for an individual student.
Class Marks
Use this function to enter marks for an entire class. You will need to know the name of the course and either the section name or the name of the teacher as well as the end session of the class.
Mark Corrections
Mark changes may be made up to 30 days after the date that the original mark was entered into the Student Data System. Use either the Student Marks or the Class Marks screen. If a mark change is necessary for a mark that was entered prior to this time, please print a Mark Corrections Sheet. This form can be accessed using the above link. The form can be printed by selecting the print icon at the top of the form. Once the information has been entered, the form can be emailed to
Course Equivalency Search
Principals and Guidance Counsellors can use this screen for preliminary placement for a student prior to enrolling the student. This screen can be used to perform a search using external course codes found on the transcripts from other provinces to find the equivalent Saskatchewan course
Credit Transfer
The Credit Transfer screens will be used by guidance counselors and principals to record Saskatchewan course equivalencies (credit transfer) for secondary courses from other Canadian provinces.
Credit Transfer Report
This report displays the credit transfer information for an individual student.