Saskatchewan Provincial Website
The Educator Profile will take between 10-20 minutes to complete. Before you sign on, you will require the following information:
  • Teacher's Certificate,
  • Classification and step (this should be on your pay stub, or contact your employer),
  • Annual salary (if you are not a member of the STF),
  • Teaching assignments,
  • Subjects taught, the number of classrooms you teach of each subject, enrolment by grade in each classroom (i.e. multi-grade classroom),

  • For principals only: Number of teachers and their FTE's; administrators and their FTE's; and non-teaching personnel.
Teacher's Certificate Number
First Name
Birth Date
Use the name that appears on your Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate - do not include your middle name. If you have officially changed your name with Educator Services or SPTRB, please use that name.

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