Government of Saskatchewan Online Request for High School and Adult 12 Transcripts
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Important notes for students currently taking high school courses:

Transcripts that include final marks from January (Choose "After January Exams") and June (Choose "After June Exams") are released in February and July.

If you recently completed a course and require that mark to appear on your transcript, please contact the school prior to completing the transcript request to ensure the mark has been submitted to the Ministry of Education.

We have marks on file for Saskatchewan high school courses.

If you are looking for proof of Driver Education please contact Student and Educator Services prior to submitting your request.

Transcript Fees

There is a non-refundable $25.00 search and process fee for a transcript request of five or fewer selections (including those sent directly to the student).

Requests in excess of five destinations will be charged $2.00 per additional selection.

Expedited delivery service by mail or courier is also available to all destinations at an additional cost (other than those sent electronically listed below). Note: Expedited delivery service fees are subject to change without notice.

  AB/SK/MB Other Provinces US International
Priority Post $20 n/a n/a n/a
Purolator Express n/a $25 $40 $80

Payment Method

Transcript requests will not be processed until the payment is received.

Transcript requests pending payment will be held for a maximum of 30 days.

The following payment options are available:

  •   Online secure transactions using Visa, MasterCard or Debit.

  •   Mail a cheque/bank draft/money order (DO NOT send cash in the mail) made payable to the Minister of Finance to:

   Student and Educator Services
   2220 College Avenue
   Regina, SK S4P 4V9

Note: Applicable NSF charges will apply.

Note: When paying by mail, include your Order Number with the payment to ensure successful processing.

Transcript Delivery


Transcripts are automatically sent electronically each business day to the following institutions:

  •     Alberta University of the Arts

  •     Ambrose University

  •     Apprenticeship & Trade - Regina

  •     Athabasca University

  •     Bow Valley College

  •     Burman University

  •     Carlton Trail College

  •     Concordia University of Edmonton

  •     Cumberland College

  •     Dumont Technical Institute

  •     Great Plains College

  •     Keyano College

  •     Lakeland College

  •     Lethbridge College

  •     MacEwan University

  •     Medicine Hat College

  •     Mount Royal University

  •     NAIT Office of the Registrar

  •     NorQuest College

  •     North West College

  •     Northern Lakes College

  •     Northlands College

  •     Northwestern Polytechnic

  •     Olds College

  •     Parkland College

  •     Portage College

  •     Red Deer Polytechnic

  •     Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies

  •     Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST)

  •     Southeast College

  •     Southern AB Institute of Technology (SAIT)

  •     St. Mary's University

  •     The King's University

  •     University of Alberta

  •     University of Calgary

  •     University of Lethbridge

  •     University of Regina

  •     University of Saskatchewan

All other transcripts must be sent through the mail or by expedited delivery if selected.

Please Note: Transcripts cannot be emailed under any circumstances.

Students who completed secondary level standing in Saskatchewan prior to September 1999 will have completed under the credit requirement policy in effect at the time. The policy for students who graduated in the 1999-2000 school year and after is outlined below. If additional information is required, contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Registrar's Office at (306) 787-6012.

Transcript requests pending payment will be held for a maximum of 30 days.

Course Type

R Regular - 10, 20, 30 designation - courses designed for the majority of the students
A Advanced - 10A, 20A, 30A, and 10(IB), 20(IB), 30(IB) (International Baccalaureate program) and 30(AP) (Advanced Placement program) designations - courses which are academically advanced (note: an IB and AP course designation does not represent certification by the respective organizations)
M Modified - 11, 21, 31 designation - courses with a reduced level of difficulty
AE Alternative Education - 18, 28, 38 designation - courses designed for special needs students and which are qualitatively different from regular or modified courses

Program Type

Regular Program (for both English and Fransaskois) includes courses that are:

100% department prepared (designated 10, 20, 30)
modified at the local level - advanced (designated 10A, 20A, 30A) and basic (designated 11, 21, 31) which have a minimum of 50% department prepared curriculum
locally developed (designated L) which may be up to 100% local (original) content while still at a level consistent with other department courses for regular education
part of a recognized International Baccalaureate program (designated IB)
part of a recognized Advanced Placement program (designated AP)

Effective September 2009, three special project credits may be used as electives.

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
minimum 8 credits

Compulsory courses are:

English Language Arts A 10 and
English Language Arts B 10;

Social Studies 10,
History 10 or Native Studies 10;

Science 10;

a mathematics 10;

3 electives at level 10 or higher.
minimum 16 credits

Compulsory courses are:

English Language Arts 20;

a mathematics 20;

6 additional elective credits at level 20 or 30.
minimum 24 credits (5 of which must be at the 30 level)

Compulsory courses are:

English Language Arts A 30 and
English Language Arts B 30;

Social Studies 30: Canadian Studies or
History 30: Canadian Studies or
Native Studies 30: Canadian Studies;

a science 20 or 30;

a social science 20 or 30;

2 credits in arts education or
practical and applied arts 10, 20 or 30;

Wellness 10, Physical Education 20 or
Physical Education 30.

Note: Students attending Fransaskois schools must meet the Language Arts requirements under the Fransaskois policy effective September 1997.


Bilingual Program indicates completion of a minimum of 12 credits taken in French in addition to meeting the Regular program requirements with the exception of the Language Arts area. A minimum of 4 credits taken in French is required for grade 10; 8 for grade 11; and 12 for grade 12.

Adult 12 Program (for a person who is at least 18 years of age and has been out of school for one year). An adult may obtain grade 12 standing without having completed previous grades with a minimum of seven credits: English Language Arts A 30; English Language Arts B 30; one of Social Studies 30: Canadian Studies, History 30: Canadian Studies or Native Studies 30: Canadian Studies; one credit from each of the mathematics and science areas of study at the 20 or 30 level; two level 30 elective credits. A prior learning credit may be used as an elective.

Alternative Education Program is an approved locally developed program designed to meet special needs of students who require curricula that are qualitatively different from the Regular program. Each grade level consists of eight courses and may include various combinations of regular and alternative courses.

Functional Integrated Program is designed for students with severe multiple or mental disabilities who require individual programs. Students do not receive credits for individual courses.


Letter Grade Equivalents
Range 100 - 80 79 - 70 69 - 60 59 - 50 49 - 0
Letter Score A B C D E

SG Standing Granted indicates that credit has been given for courses taken under a jurisdiction other than the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.
CREDIT A one credit course is designed for 100 hours of instruction. A credit is granted in each course when a student attains a mark of 50% or higher. If a course is retaken to upgrade, the credit value is assigned to the higher mark.


Third-party transcript requests

You need not declare yourself as a third party if:

  •     You are a parent ordering transcripts on behalf of your child, and your child is younger than 18 years old; or,

  •     The transcripts are only being sent to a school (not home or another organization)

In all other cases, if you are requesting transcripts on another's behalf, you must declare as a third party. In these cases, a letter of authorization from the student must be submitted to Student and Educator Services via mail or email. This letter should include: the student's name, the student's signature, the name of the third party (individual/organization), the transcript order number (provided after the request is submitted online and also in the email confirmation), and the date.

If you require GED or ABE please visit the following websites:

GED transcripts, please refer to website.

ABE (10 and 11) transcripts, please refer to website.